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Failover Engine licensing for SolarWinds Orion installations

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Orion Failover Engine is licensed by the number of Primary Products it protects. The Primary Products are:

  • Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
  • Server & Application Monitor (SAM)
  • Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

It can be also used for Additional Polling Engine and Enterprise Operations Console (EOC).


All FoE versions


Orion Failover Engine (FoE) must be licensed to cover ALL primary SolarWinds Orion modules installed on the SolarWinds server that FoE is intended to protect.

For example:

  • To protect a server on which only NPM is installed, the FoE license (P1) covering a single module is sufficient.
  • To protect a server on which NPM, SAM, and NCM are installed, the FoE license (P3) for three modules is required, even if you only want to protect one or two of the three modules.

Additional Orion family modules that are not one of the Primary Products are protected with no additional license required. For example, to protect a server on which NPM, SAM and IPAM are installed would require a license covering only NPM and SAM (Foe license P2), as IPAM is not a Primary Product.


FoE uses a separate license when it comes to Additional Polling Engines and Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). In these cases the P1, P2 or P3 license will not work as they are for Primary Poller only.


Please note that Solarwinds is unable to support Neverfail SQL Server pair.

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