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Can I change the hostname of the secondary FoE server

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Created by Malik Haider, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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In some cases, users want to change the hostname of the secondary FoE server.

  • The servers on which FoE is installed must have identical hostnames.
  • SolarWinds does not support changing either server's hostname so they do not match.


  • FoE all versions


It is not possible to have FoE installed on two servers that do not utilize identical hostnames. The hostname on the primary and secondary server must be the same regardless of deployment method (HA/LAN or DR/WAN). This is fundamental element of the FoE architecture.

All SolarWinds licenses are tied to the hostname of the server where they are installed. Changing the hostname would require you to reclaim those licenses, change the hostname, re-apply the licenses to the server, then re-run the Configuration Wizard.

You may also have to re-assign all your nodes to the new poller name as Orion will think this is an entirely new poller and your jobs are assigned to a poller with the old/original name.

This above entry can be seen under "Engines" Table in Orion DB. Each engine has the unique EngineID number and each node is tied to its EngineID for polling. Changing the hostname will break this relationship and Orion will create another entry in the Engines table for new host and new IP address and nodes will not be polled unless moved to the new engine manually. Therefore, it will break the whole Orion polling function.



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