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How EOC pulls the bandwidth calculation data

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Updated November 3, 2016


This article describes how EOC pulls the bandwidth calculation data.


All EOC versions


When EOC polls Orion, the bandwidth is determined by the size of the table associated with the Orion database.


"Static" data:

If the Nodes table for the Orion database is 10Mb then when that table is polled, it will require 10Mb of bandwidth. The same goes for interfaces and volumes. These values will be static unless you add or remove nodes volumes and interfaces.


Non Static Data:

If you are polling events, syslogs or traps, it will only poll the last 24 hours of data from those tables, so what ever the size of the data for 24 hours will be the amount of bandwidth that will be consumed at that time.

For example, your syslog table is 40Gb and the last 24 hours of syslog is 50Mb, only 50Mb of bandwidth will be needed for each poll for syslog. The same applies for traps and events.

There is also a limit for syslog and traps. The 24 hours of data is limited for syslog to 50,000 rows of data and it is limited to 2,000 rows of data for traps.

If you are running additional modules such as APM, Netflow, etc., this information will also be non static depending on the amount of data that has been collected during the 24 hour period.


100 Nodes and the nodes table is 40K

10 interfaces and the interface table is 5Kb

300 syslogs and the total syslog table is 500Kb yet the last 24 hours of data for syslog accounts for 150Kb of data.

Average polling frequency is 300 seconds



(40K + 5K + 150K)\300

= 0.65Kb of bandwidth per second

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