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EOC Reports Tab Generates an Error in Instances Monitoring NPM and NCM

Created by Steven Bansil_ret, last modified by Laura C on Mar 15, 2018

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The following error is found in the Reports tab for Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) that is monitoring an instance running both NPM and NCM:

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constrant 'PK_EOC_Report. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.EOC.Report'. The duplicate key value is (5, 1, Down Nodes). The statement has been terminated. 


  • EOC 1.6.x


The issue is caused by having custom reports with the same names created on different SolarWinds servers maintained under EOC.


To ensure that all reports run by EOC have unique names:

  1. Run the following query in SWQL Studio (part of Orion SDK) connecting to Orion using SWIS v2 on the Orion database to check for reports with duplicate names. Instead of SWQL Studio you can use SWIS interface on Orion Web Console by simply going to Settings and adding swis.aspx at the end of the URL, similar to below:
    SELECT name, Count (name) AS NameCount
    FROM Orion.Report
    GROUP BY Name
    ORDER BY NameCount DESC


  2. Locate rows with a NameCount value of more than 1 (they will be listed at the top) and perform any of the following: 
    1. Rename duplicate reports that are required to be retained.
    2. Delete duplicate reports that are not required to be retained.
  3. Check the Reports tab in EOC and confirm that the reports are displaying.
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