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Enterprise Operations Console 1.6.1 Release Notes

Updated December 13, 2018

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) v1.6.1

New Features and Improvements

SolarWinds EOC v1.6.1 includes the following new features and improvements:


  • Added Virtualization Integration Module Resources to EOC
    • Top 10 Hosts by Percent Memory Used
    • Top 10 Hosts by Network Utilization
    • Top 10 Hosts by CPU Load
    • Hosts with Problems
    • Guests with Problems
    • Virtual Assets (Tree)
  • Added NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Resources to EOC
    • Top 10 Applications
    • Top 10 Countries
    • Top 10 Conversations
    • Top 10 Endpoints
    • Top 10 Protocols
  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) is supported. More information about FIPS can be found here
  • Feature allowing users to open Orion links in a new window
  • EOC has been updated with the latest version of Network Atlas v1.11.0.167
  • Setting have been added allowing updates to account limitations
  • Thwack link in EOC redirects to the EOC page in Thwack
  • Settings to show notifications to users not in the Administrator role

For additional information about these features, see the SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console Administrator Guide.

For information about the features and fixes in the latest versions of Orion NPM and Core, see the Orion Network Performance Monitor Release Notes.

Issues Fixed by Upgrading to EOC 1.6.1

Issue Case Number
Network Atlas not displaying groups from EOC in a separate folder


SolarWinds NPM is not visible when upgrading EOC 1.5 over IPAM 4.0


Add setting to open a new window on Orion links


EOC not updating account limitations


Triggered alerts not visible in Global Last XX Active Alerts Column


Time out sync is displayed when adding an Orion server to EOC



Open Issues

Issue Case Number
Alerts views do not list all IPSLA operation alerts.


Accounts limited by System Name Pattern cannot see any Orion server data.


Internet Explorer 7 and 8 will not display embedded objects within Custom HTML resources.


If the data for a call path has not been collected, the corresponding call path entry in the Global VoIP Call Path resource appears empty. Please wait a few minutes for data to be collected.


VoIP call paths display invalid Quality of Service values if the source site or the destination site are down.


You cannot remove a user from Orion EOC if the Windows account for that user has been deleted.


Duplicate custom properties appear if custom properties from different Orion NPM servers have identical names but different value types.


The Global VoIP Call Managers resource does not display hosts that do not have any collected data.


Do not uninstall Orion Network Atlas from the Orion EOC server. If you uninstall Orion Network Atlas from the Orion EOC server, the Orion web console map resources stop working.


Performing more than ten Undo actions in a row in Orion Network Atlas marks the map as having been saved.


The UDT Watch List resource in EOC differs slightly from the corresponding resource in UDT v2.5.


Edit and help link are missing when hidden resource are added back


Cannot open EOC console after upgrade from IPAM 3.1 to IPAM 4.0



Known Issues

Issue Case Number
Internet Explorer 11 incompatibility issue. For more details and work around see KB 5659
Views and Resources load improperly in IE10 when EOC 1.6 is installed on Windows Server 2003 or 2008. For more details see KB 5689
EOC-NTA resource peformance tuning. For more details and work around see KB 5716
Incompatibility issues with Google Chrome. For more details and work around see KB 5744 .



Version History

If you are looking for previous release notes for Enterprise Operations Console, see Enterprise Operations Console Previous Release Notes.


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