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Enterprise Operations Console 1.5 Release Notes

Updated December 13, 2018

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) v1.5.

New Features and Improvements

SolarWinds EOC v1.5 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Improved support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    It is no longer necessary to install SQL Server Data Tools


  • Support for SolarWinds WPM

    The EOC web console now includes a WPM view on the Network tab to support data from SolarWinds WPM servers. This version of EOC supports WPM version 2.0.1 and later


  • FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140.2 is supported with this release


  • The ability to turn off syslog and trap collection

    Customers can now turn off syslog or trap reporting for each Orion instance in EOC. This new feature can be found by clicking Settings->Manager SolarWinds Server->Edit Server. If your Orion instances are currently set to not receive syslogs or traps, this feature will default to off. If you are receiving syslogs or traps from any Orion instance this feature will be on. Note this option is available per instance of Orion, meaning you will have to manage these setting for each Orion server being monitored in EOC


  • Maintenance Reminder Notification Banner


  • Tab/View name update



For additional information about these features, see the SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console Administrator Guide.

For information about the features and fixes in the latest versions of Orion NPM and Core, see the Orion Network Performance Monitor Release Notes.


Fixed Issues

Issue Case Number
Fixed an issue where users are unable to use accounts and groups from trusted domains


Fixed an issue with the Orion to EOC Map converter in Windows Server 2012


Fixed an issue with installing and configuring EOC


Fixed an issue with synchronization of Custom Properties


Fixed an issue where a conversion failed when converting the varchar value '09a4dd69-647d-4676-9bdc-b37232f2184e' to data type integer



Open Issues

Issue Case Number
Alerts views do not list all IPSLA operation alerts.


Accounts limited by System Name Pattern cannot see any Orion server data.


Internet Explorer 7 and 8 will not display embedded objects within Custom HTML resources.


If the data for a call path has not been collected, the corresponding call path entry in the Global VoIP Call Path resource appears empty. Please wait a few minutes for data to be collected.


VoIP call paths display invalid Quality of Service values if the source site or the destination site are down.


You cannot remove a user from Orion EOC if the Windows account for that user has been deleted.


Duplicate custom properties appear if custom properties from different Orion NPM servers have identical names but different value types.


The Global VoIP Call Managers resource does not display hosts that do not have any collected data.


Do not uninstall Orion Network Atlas from the Orion EOC server. If you uninstall Orion Network Atlas from the Orion EOC server, the Orion web console map resources stop working.


Performing more than ten Undo actions in a row in Orion Network Atlas marks the map as having been saved.


The UDT Watch List resource in EOC differs slightly from the corresponding resource in UDT v2.5.


Network Atlas displays Orion Groups from EOC in the Unknown folder, not a separate Groups folder.


SolarWinds NetPerfMon is missing when EOC 1.5 is upgraded over IPAM 4.0


Edit and help link are missing when hidden resource are added back


No data is displayed for the "Global Policy Violations For Each SolarWinds Server" resource


Cannot open EOC console after upgrade from IPAM 3.1 to IPAM 4.0


Global Policy Violations not updated (No Data To Display)




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