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View statuses and alerts for configured groups in EOC

Updated: August 15, 2018

The Enterprise Groups page allows you to pinpoint group statuses, alerts, and events from all configured groups across your SolarWinds deployments.

Add a resource to the Enterprise Groups view

Add a global group resource to the Enterprise Groups view - Summary View, or to a custom subview created within Enterprise Groups. Users can then view the information by clicking My Dashboards > Enterprise Groups.

  1. Log in to SolarWinds EOC as an administrator.
  2. Add the Enterprise Groups resource:
    1. Click Settings > All Settings.
    2. In the Views group, click Manage Views.
    3. In the list of views, select Enterprise Groups or a custom subview. Click Edit.
      The Customize Enterprise Groups page opens.
    4. Click the + icon next to the column where you want to add the map resource.
    5. Select Type under Group By to view tile options within each Type. For example, you can select Active Group Alerts under the Alerts category.
    6. Select the resource type. For example, All Groups.
    7. Click Add Selected Resources.
    8. Click Done.

You can also select predefined resources from the Customize Page dialog box from the Enterprise Groups page, or you can add a custom tile and display customized information within the resource. Each tile in the view can be further customized to best fit your needs.

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