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EOC Administrator 2.1 Guide

SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) offers a comprehensive view of the instances in distributed deployment (called SolarWinds Sites). EOC provides insight into alerts, global reporting capabilities, and a compilation of current status information from all entities at each site. EOC users can view, triage, and troubleshoot issues that might span multiple sites.

EOC 2.1 Administrator Guide

Related information

EOC features

This section describes features specific to SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC). EOC uses common functions of Orion Platform products.

+ Get started with EOC

Get an overview of EOC features and log in for the first time.

+ Manage SolarWinds Sites

Add SolarWinds Sites to EOC and access data from those sites.

+ View information from SolarWinds Sites

Use EOC to view consolidated information from all of your SolarWinds Sites. Administrators can also define what SolarWinds Site data EOC users can access.

Orion Platform features

SolarWinds EOC uses the Orion Platform. See the Orion Platform Administrator Guide for information about common features like managing user accounts, reporting, customization, PerfStack, and so on.

+ Users

Manage Orion Web Console user accounts: set user rights, reset passwords, limit access to network segments based on user accounts, enable authentication with Active Directory.

+ Web-based reports

Generate reports in the Orion Web Console based on the predefined reports for your Orion Platform product. Customize existing reports to fit your needs, create reports, schedule a report to run automatically.

+ Customize Orion Web Console (views, resources)

Log in to the Orion Web Console, customize menus, colors, the logo and breadcrumbs. Customize views, add widgets and subviews, limit objects on views, specify views for device types. Customize widgets and charts.

+ PerfStack

Visually correlate historical time series data from multiple Orion Platform products and entity types in a single view.

+ References

Networking glossary, alert variables, and so on.

+ High Availability

Use SolarWinds High Availability to provide failover protection for your Orion server and additional polling engines to reduce data loss.


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