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View and clear events from EOC

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Updated: September 12, 2017

Use the EOC Events page to view information about events that occurred on all enabled SolarWinds Sites.

View events

Choose Alerts & Activity > Events.

The Events page lists events from all enabled SolarWinds Sites. You can perform the following actions:

  • To filter events:
    1. Select the filter criteria. You can filter by SolarWinds Site, object, event type, or time period.
    2. In the Show X Events field, enter the maximum number of events to display.

      Showing a large number of events, such as a 1000, can negatively affect EOC performance.

    3. To show events that have been cleared, select Show Cleared Events.

    4. Click Refresh.

  • To view detailed information about the object that triggered the event, click the message text.

    The SolarWinds Site opens in another browser tab, and the Details view provides information about the object.

Clear events

Clearing an event removes it from the Events view and the Message Center. Cleared events are not removed from the event log and can still be used for reporting.

To clear events, users must have the Allow Account to Clear Events privilege. For more information about defining privileges, see Define what users can access and do.

  1. Choose Alerts & Activity > Events.

    The Events page lists events from all enabled SolarWinds Sites.

  2. Select individual events to clear, or click Select All.
  3. Click Clear Selected Events.

Selected events are removed from the view. To view the events again, select Show Cleared Events and click Refresh.

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