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EOC - Gather events

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Created by Robert Stidman, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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EOC does not have a reporting capability in 1.x versions, so if the events it has gathered from the Orion it watches need to be harvested, the dba will need to get the information directly from the database. This is designed to guide that process but does not substitute for strong SQL knowledge, so this article should be limited to SQL DBA's.


  • EOC 1.x


  1. Run the query below in SQL Management Studio against that database:
    select * from eoc.event
  2. This will show all the events that EOC has gathered from all Orion. The table has the fields below:
    OrionID - the id number of the Orion server being watched that sent this message
    EventID - id number of event for eoc reference purposes
    EventTime - self explanatory, but comes from Orion db
    NetworkNode - node the event happened to on whatever orion
    NetObjectID - if it's a node, the nodeid from the orion db, same for any other
    EventType - an id number; the eoc.eventtype table contains the corresponding event desriptions

    ​Message - what the event said
    Acknowledged - if message was acknowledged on the system it came from
    EngineID - the engine id of the engine the node was using in its orion setup
    NetObjectType - node? interface? application? etc
    TimeStamp - arcane field that is populated anyway and not useful.

You could do a query like select * from eoc.event where orionid=1 to get all events from the Orion that has id number 1. The Orion and their corresponding IDs are in the eoc.orion database table.




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