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Polling options, notifications and logging

Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by christopher.roy on Jan 03, 2018

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Polling options define the following features:

  • Caution and warning levels for detected CPU loads.
  • SNMP timeout, and number of attempts.
  • Notification types.
  • Logging.

Configure polling options, notifications and logging

  1. Click Option > Polling Options.
  2. Click the Polling tab, and then select thresholds for the caution (yellow) and warning (red) levels.
    When the CPU load surpasses the value, the bar changes color.
  3. Click the SNMP tab, and then specify the following values:
    • Specify the milliseconds the tool should wait for an SMNP reply before assuming the packet was lost and trying again.
    • Specify the number of times the tool should retry an SNMP query before stopping.
      This should normally be set to 2.
  4. Click the Notification tab, and then select the notifications you want when the router exceeds the thresholds set on the Polling tab:
    • Select Popup on alarm to restore the tool from minimized mode when a threshold is exceeded.
    • Select Beep on alarm to generate a system beep when a threshold is exceeded.
    • Select Open Notification window on alarm to specify messages for exceeding caution and warning thresholds.
  5. Click the Logging tab, and then select Logging Enabled to specify a text log file and an interval at which to log CPU load on monitored routers.
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