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View volume details and modify volume properties

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Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jan 12, 2017

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The Volume Details window contains a live view of data from the volume, including the following information:

  • Object specific information, enter, sub-enter, node ID, volume ID, and name
  • Volume index and description
  • Volume enter
  • Status
  • Actively responding to SNMP
  • Last change time-date stamp
  • Polling information, including interval and next expected poll
  • Statistics collection and rediscovery interval
  • Volume size, bytes used, and bytes available
  • Volume errors

The name of the volume can be updated on this window.

  1. Browse to, and then right-click the volume in the tree.
  2. Click Volume Details.
  3. Review the information presented on the Details window.
  4. Modify the name of the volume, and then click Apply Changes.
  • Changing the name of a volume only affects the way the volume is identified on charts and graphs within Toolset Network Performance Monitor. It does not impact the mounted device.
  • Changes made in this window only affect the volume being viewed.
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