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Upgrade Engineer's Toolset

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Updated March 20th, 2017

To upgrade to the current version of SolarWinds Toolset, find the upgrade path that matches your implementation in the following list:

  • Upgrade earlier versions of Engineer's Toolset to version 10.9 and then to 11.0.6.
  • Upgrade Engineer's Toolset:
    10.9 11.0.6
    11.0 11.0.6
    11.0.1 11.0.6
    11.0.2 11.0.6
    11.0.3 11.0.6
    11.0.5 11.0.6
  • Uninstall your current Engineer's Toolset version, and install the latest version. Enter your current license activation key. In this case, no manual uninstallation is required, and no data is lost.

  • Upgrade Engineer's Toolset from an Evaluation version to a Licensed version requires a license activation key.
  • Upgrade from TFTP Server Free Tool to the current Engineer's Toolset.
  • Upgrade from NetFlow Real Time Free Tool to the current Engineer's Toolset.


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