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ETS Error: Please enter a shorter name of this credential

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by christopher.roy on Oct 09, 2017

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When you are logged in as a basic user, creating credentials via SNMP, the MIB Browser tool displays this error message: 

Please enter a shorter name of this credential (under 0 characters).


  • All versions of ETS


The MIB Browser tool cannot load the configuration setting MaxCredentialNameSizeInt from MIBBrowserSettings.xml nor from MainSettings.xml.


In the following procedure, replace <username> with your user name and perform all steps while logged in as <username>.


  1. Browse to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SolarWinds\Dashboard\</username> .
  2. If you find MIBBrowserSettings.xml and MainSettings.xml, remove both files. Note this will reset your settings.
  3. Run WorkspaceStudio.exe.
  4. Close WorkspaceStudio.exe.
    The configuration files are recreated and saved.
  5. Run MIB-Browser.exe.


You should now be able to create credential items in Credential Manager.

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