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AnnouncementUpgrading SolarWinds Orion Platform products has never been easier!

The SolarWinds Orion Installer is an all-in-one application for installations and upgrades. You use one installer to install or upgrade multiple Orion Platform products and install or upgrade Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, and High Availability Servers.

Learn more in the SolarWinds Orion Installer.

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Engineer's Toolset Installation Guide

Updated: August 22, 2018

SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset puts over 60 must-have network troubleshooting and diagnostic tools at your fingertips. Use the standalone Engineer's Toolset for Desktop to have all of the tools you'll need in one place, and use Engineer's Toolset for the Web to integrate 5 of the most popular tools with your Orion Platform products.


Use the information in this guide to prepare your environment and install SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset for Desktop or for the Web. You're not limited to using one or the other, and you can install and use both on the same server.

Click on the option that you want to see specific instructions for:

+ Install Engineer's Toolset for Desktop

Engineer's Toolset for Desktop puts all of the network troubleshooting tools you'll need into one easy to access place. The installation wizard will walk you through step by step.

+ Install Engineer's Toolset for the Web

Engineer's Toolset for the Web is part of the Orion Platform. It's easy to integrate into an Orion server you've already set up, or you can set up a new Orion server and install Engineer's Toolset for the Web as your first Orion Platform product.


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