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Training ClassThe Orion® Platform Instructor-led Classes

Provided by SolarWinds® Academy, these trainings will introduce users to the Orion Platform and its features, management, and navigation. These courses are suitable for users looking to discover new tips, tricks, and ways to adapt their Orion products to better suit their monitoring needs:
Deploying the Orion Platform
Configuring Orion views, maps, and accounts
Configuring Orion alerts and reports

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Organize your tools with Engineer's Toolset Workspace Studio

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Updated: August 22, 2018

After you've found the right tools with Engineer's Toolset Launch Pad, Workspace Studio is a great place to organize them. Open multiple tools simultaneously, monitor multiple devices, and customize the layout to meet your specific work needs.

Open Workspace Studio

Start > SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset > Workspace Studio



Workspace Studio basics

  • Add devices to monitor - Click Add Device in the Getting Started dialog, or click the plus sign next to Devices on the left side. Enter an IP address or host name and select the SNMP credential that you want to use for monitoring.
  • Add gadgets and associate them with a device that you're monitoring - Open gadgets and add them to a tab in Workspace Studio by clicking and dragging them from the Gadgets dialog in the lower-left to a spot in the current tab.
  • Create tabs to create groups of gadgets and to organize them - Click the plus sign in the top right of the center window to create a new tab. Add gadgets to the tab to create your own customized work space. Your tabs and layout are saved automatically, so the next time you start Workspace Studio, you can start where you left off.
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