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Provided by SolarWinds® Academy, these trainings will introduce users to the Orion Platform and its features, management, and navigation. These courses are suitable for users looking to discover new tips, tricks, and ways to adapt their Orion products to better suit their monitoring needs:
Deploying the Orion Platform
Configuring Orion views, maps, and accounts
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Find and launch tools with Engineer's Toolset Launch Pad

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Updated: August 22, 2018

Toolset Launch Pad gives you central access to all of the Engineer's Toolset tools and can help you quickly find the right tool for the job.

Open Toolset Launch Pad by navigating to Start > SolarWinds Engineer's Toolset > Toolset Launch Pad or by using the Toolset Launch Pad shortcut on your Windows desktop.


When you start Toolset Launch Pad, you'll see the Quick Start screen. From the Quick Start screen, you can access some of the more commonly used tools in Engineer's Toolset.

Browse for other tools by clicking a category on the left side of the Toolset Launch Pad, or use the search bar to find tools that can help you solve a specific problem.

For example, if you're looking for tools to help you solve a DNS-related problem, enter "dns" in the search bar:


In the search results, Launch Pad includes a description of each tool, a preview screenshot, and a Launch button.

In this example, eight tools relate to the search term "dns", and tools like DNS Analyzer and DNS Audit appear in the search results.

When you find a tool that you'd like to use, click that tool's Launch button to start using it.

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