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Error: Engineer's Toolset - Credential name is too long

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When you are logged in as a basic user, creating credentials via SNMP MIB Browser displays an error message: 

Please enter a shorter name of this credential (under 0 characters).

MIB Browser cannot load the configuration setting MaxCredentialNameSizeInt from MIBBrowserSettings.xml nor from MainSettings.xml.

When the MIB Browser is invoked, it searches C:\Users\AppData\Local\SolarWinds\Dashboard for a file named MIBBrowserSettings.xml. 

When MIB Browser does not find MIBBrowserSettings.xml, it attempts to load C:\Users\AppData\Local\SolarWinds\Dashboard MainSettings.xml.

When MIB Browser is unable to load MIBBrowserSettings.xml or MainSettings.xml, it initializes the settings collection. Settings collection it is almost empty because it does not contain the MaxCredentialNameSizeInt setting.

When Workspace Studio is launched at least once prior to launching MIB Browser, the MainSettings.xml file exists at C:\Users\\AppData\Local\SolarWinds\Dashboard MainSettings.xml and configuration setting MaxCredentialNameSizeInt also exists. When we run the MIB Browser it uses configuration settings from MainSettings.xml and saves them to MIBBrowserSettings.xml. 


In the following procedure, UserX runs MIB Browser.


  1. Browse to C:\Users\<userx>\AppData\Local\SolarWinds\Dashboard\</userx> .
  2. If you find MIBBrowserSettings.xml and MainSettings.xml, remove both files.
  3. Run WorkspaceStudio.exe as UserX.
  4. Close WorkspaceStudio.exe.
    The configuration files are saved.
  5. Run MIB-Browser.exe as UserX.


You should now be able to create credential items in Credential Manager.

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19:21, 22 Jun 2016