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Error: Cannot Start TFTP Server. A TFTP Server is running on port 69

Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the following error:

Cannot start TFTP Server. A TFTP Server is running on port 69.



All ETS versions



Any of the following causes the error: 

  • A TFTP server is already running.
  • Another program is using port 69 - If your system tray contains an icon that depicts two desktop computers, this indicates that you are already running TFTP Server. 
  • Toolset and Cirrus running on the same computer - Toolset and Cirrus contain different versions of the TFTP Server. A conflict can occur because the Cirrus TFTP Server is a self-contained program, but the Toolset TFTP Server runs as a Windows service. Cirrus is fully compatible with the Toolset TFTP Server service, and uses that version. version of TFTP Server, but you cannot run the Cirrus version of TFTP Server if the Toolset version is already.
  • A proxy is blocking port 69 - If the netstat - a test reveals that port 69/TFTP is only in use when the Cannot Start TFTP Server. A TFTP Server is running on port 69 message appears, then it is likely that a proxy server on your network is block port 69.


  • ​A TFTP server is already running:

Double-click the icon to open TFTP Server.


  • Another program is using port 69

1.Open CMD.

2. Enter netstat -a.

3. Identify any items under Local Address column that includes :69 or :tftp.

4. If another program is using port 69, close that program before you can run TFTP Server.


  • A proxy is blocking port 69

Consult your network administrator for assistance.



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19:21, 22 Jun 2016