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Deprecated router CPU load

Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jan 16, 2017

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Router CPU Load monitors the CPU load on Cisco routers in real time. Each router is shown as a horizontal bar comprised of the current load and the high-water mark. Router CPU Load also provides the ability to generate popup alert messages whenever router load goes over a user-defined point, and also the ability to print the current load for all routers.

Add multiple routers to your Router CPU Load user interface

The deprecated version of Router CPU Load exists in the Toolset Installation folder, the default location is \Program Files\SolarWinds\Toolset. The name has been changed to Deprecated_Router-CPU-Load.exe.

For more information about the currently supported version of this tool, see Router CPU Load.

  1. Click Bar > Add New CPU Load Bar.
  2. Enter the router IP address in the Target Router field.
  3. Enter the read-only or read-write community string for the router in the Community String field.
  4. Select a poll time:
    • An average load over the last 5 minutes
    • An average load over the last minute
    • Real time can select a polling time from 1 to 60 seconds.
  5. Select the name you want displayed for the monitored router:
    • The SysName of the router
    • A name you specify
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