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Modify SNMP settings

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If your network is capable of faster SNMP polling or if you notice that information is not being reported, slow the polling, modify the SNMP settings. You can also disable SNMP v2 packets, disabling Get Bulk requests. The modifications you make are globally applied to all hubs, switches, and routers used by Switch Port Mapper.

  1. Click File > Settings, and then click the SNMP tab.
  2. Modify the settings to fit your environment, and then click OK.
  • SNMP Timeout is used to configure the amount of time that the Switch Port Mapper waits for a response after querying a device.
  • SNMP Retries is used to configure the number of times Switch Port Mapper retries statistics collection.
  • Disabling SNMP V2 support forces Switch Port Mapper to use SNMP V1 packets, reducing the speed at which statistics are gathered.
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