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Deprecated Remote TCP Session Reset

Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Jan 13, 2017

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This security tool can remotely display all active sessions on a terminal server, router, dial-in server, access server, and so on. You can also easily reset any TCP session remotely.

For more information about the currently supported version of this tool.

Display a list of TCP sessions connected to a remote device

  1. Enter the host name or IP address in the Device Name or IP field.
  2. Select the SNMP community string for the remote device in the Read-Write Community String field.
  3. Click Connect.

Reset a remote TCP session

  1. Connect to the remote device using the steps listed above.
  2. Select the session from the list, and then click Session > Break Selected Sessions.

You cannot reset a TCP session unless you are using the SNMP read-write community string.

Last modified
23:53, 12 Jan 2017