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Desktop Integration menu not listed in HTTPS environment for Firefox

Updated October 18, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the Toolset Desktop Integration menu does not reflect in the HTTPS environment for Firefox. 


ETS Desktop version 11.0.3


The issue is related to untrusted self-signed local host certificates. Firefox blocks the source download from https://localhost:17780/sw/toolset/render?1475741132159 served by SolarWinds Toolset Integration. SolarWinds provides a local host self-signed certificate for this service. This certificate should be okay if the SolarWinds server cannot be accessed via outside network (internet).


The following is a workaround: 

Add URL: https://localhost:17780/sw/toolset/ to exception in firefox.


1. Go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates > Servers.
2. Click Add Exception.
3. Add the following website URL:

https://localhost:17780/sw/toolset/ to exception in firefox
4. Click Get Certificate.
5. Click Confirm Exception.
6. Refresh the web page.





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18:35, 17 Oct 2016