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Home > Success Center > Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) > Unable to connect to the DPA repository when signing in from the DPA console

Unable to connect to the DPA repository when signing in from the DPA console

Updated November 7, 2016


This article overviews potential resolutions if you are experiencing an inability to sign in the DPA Web Client and it is specifically referencing repository issues.


All DPA versions


This can have multiple causes. However, one thing to check would be if you are using dynamic ports, and that DPA is also configured to connect to a dynamic port

Typically, dynamic ports are used when monitoring a named SQL instance


  1. Verify that your server is using dynamic ports by navigating to the server in question, and opening SQL Configuration Manager.
  2. Go to the tab on the left indicating "SQL Server Network Configuration" and expand it.
  3. Click into the "Protocols for MSSQLSERVER", and then right-click the "TCP/IP" and select Properties.
  4. Click the "IP Addresses" tab, and scroll down to the bottom to see if there is anything set in the "TCP Dynamic Ports" section.


If you are using dynamic ports:
Go to the following location on your DPA App Server:

{DPA Install Directory}\DPA\iwc\tomcat\ingite_config\idc\

  1. Make sure that the section titled "repo.port" has no values assigned to it.
  2. If there are values assigned to it, go ahead and clear this out.
  3. Once you clear this value, save the file.
  4. Restart the Ignite PI Service in services.


Try to access the DPA console after trying the above steps to see if you are now able to access your repository.


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