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Turning off SQL Server trace flag 2861 in DPA

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Updated September 21, 2017


When DPA connects to the monitored instance, it runs DBCC TRACEON (2861, -1) to turn on SQL Server trace flag 2861. DPA turns this flag on to get text for quick-running SQL statements. For more information, see this article. (Content provided by Thomas LaRock, available at, obtained on September 21, 2017.)


For a majority of DPA SQL Server customers, trace flag 2861 does not cause issues. But some users with busy systems (and/or running ORM implementations) will see a slight increase in memory consumption and likely procedure cache bloat. For those customers we recommended turning off 2861.


  • DPA, all versions    


To turn this flag off for a monitored database instance:

  1. Click Options > Administration tab > Advanced Options.
  2. Click the DB Instance Options tab and select the database instance.
  3. Select Support Options in the upper right corner.
  4. Change the value of the DBCC option to OFF.




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