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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article applies to DPA versions 9.0 and above and Ignite versions 6.5 and above.


UTL_CON is a package that DPA installs into the SYS schema in an Oracle database when it is registered. It is used for a varierty of things including DPA upgrades, getting live plans (the DPA monitoring user is not privileged), DPA version information, etc.

Contents of UTL_CON

PROCEDURE EXPLAINPLAN - This procedure is used when a DPA GUI user requests a live explain plan from the SQL page. The DPA user is not privileged so it does not have permissions to see or read every table that a user would request a plan against. Thus, this procedure will run as the SYS user and get the plan for the SQL text passed in.

PROCEDURE GP - GP stands for Grant Permission and is used only during upgrades. An example of this requirement is if a new feature is added that needs access to a new table table. For example, when DPA/Ignite 8.0 came out, it included a live plan collection feature that retrieved data from V$SQL_PLAN. The previous version did not require that privilege, so during the upgrade this procedure is called to grant read access to this table.

PROCEDURE MPROC - Used to get hot block information. This procedure is deprecated because the feature is no longer present, but remains here for future use.

FUNCTION VERSION RETURNS NUMBER - Used for DPA to determine if an upgrade is required when the monitor is started.

Note: Each of the above procedures/functions requires a security key as one of the parameters which only the DPA software knows. No one else can utilize this package without that security key.

Can I Drop the UTL_CON Package

For various reasons, such as change control, security, etc, some companies want to remove this package. It can be dropped, but the features that would be missed or altered are as follows:

  1. Live Plan - A simple live plan would probably not work, but on the dialog in the GUI the user can supply a DBA account username and password and still get live plans. The DBA username and password would be required for each request. It is not stored by DPA.
  2. Automatic Upgrades - If new object access is required in a future DPA version, the DPA administrator would be required to manually grant permissions that are required.

If these limitations are not an issue, the UTL_CON package can be dropped.

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