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SQL Server metrics that DPA collects by default

Table of contents

Updated: October 7, 2016


DPA collects the following SQL Server metrics.



                Signal Waits Percent

                Instance CPU Utilization

                O/S CPU Utilization

                O/S CPU Queue Length --  Disabled in DPA 10.0 and up


                Virtualization Metrics (with VM option):

                                VM CPU Usage

                                VM CPU Ready Time

                                Host CPU Usage

                                VM Total CPU Usage Time (ms)

                                VM CPU Usage (MHz)



                Page Life Expectancy

                O/S Memory Utilization

                Plan Cache Size (MB)

                Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

                Buffer Cache Size (MB)

                Procedure Cache Hit Ratio

                Memory Paging Rate -- Disabled in DPA 10.0 and up

                Log Bytes Flushed/sec

                Log Flushes/sec

                SQL Compilations/sec

                SQL Re-Compilations/sec

                PFS Page Latch Wait


                Virtualization Metrics (with VM option):

                                VM Active Memory Usage

                                VM Memory Granted (MB)

                                VM Memory Swap In Rate (KB/s)

                                VM Memory Swap Out Rate (KB/s)

                                Host Memory Usage

                                VM Memory Balloon Size (MB)

                                VM Memory Balloon Percent

                                VM Memory Overhead (MB)



                Total I/O Wait Time

                Total Read I/O Time

                Total Write I/O Wait Time

                O/S Disk Queue Length

                Physical I/O Rate (KB/sec)

                Physical Write Rate (KB/sec)

                Physical Read Rate (KB/sec)

                SQL Disk Read Latency

                SQL Disk Write Latency

   Page Read per Second

   Page Write per Second


                Virtualization Metrics (with VM option):

                                VM Disk Commands Aborted

                                VM Disk Commands

                                VM Disk Usage Rate (KB/s)

                                VM Disk Bus Resets

                                VM Disk Read Rate (KB/s)

                                VM Disk Write Rate (KB/s)

                                Host Disk Read Rate (KB/s)

                                Host Disk Write Rate (KB/s)

                                Host Max Total Disk Latency (ms)

                                Host Disk Device granularity (we break out latency by device - metrics for as many devices as you have configured)



                Round-Trip Time (ms)


                Virtualization Metrics (with VM option):

                                Host Dropped Received Packets

                                Host Dropped Transmitted Packets        

                                VM Data Received Rate (KB/s)

                                VM Data Transmit Rate (KB/s)

                                VM Network Packets Received

                                VM Network Packets Transmitted



                Transaction Rate (trans/sec)

                Blocked Sessions

                Active Sessions

                Batch Requests/sec




                Connected Users

                Core Count

                Connected Devices




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