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SMTP mail server for outgoing email

Updated January 18, 2019


DPA has several features that send email including chart mailing, automatic report generation and alerts. To send email messages, DPA requires connectivity to a SMTP mail server. DPA includes an embedded mail server and also provides the ability to configure an external mail server.

The embedded mail server is typically sufficient for sending emails in most environments. However, there are some environments in which the server is blocked from sending email due to firewalls or other SMTP restrictions.


  • All versions of DPA


The initial release of DPA 10.2 introduced an issue with SMTP. If you are on DPA 10.2, make sure you upgrade to DPA 10.2.579 or later. That minor version includes a service release with a patch for the SMTP issue.


If the embedded mail server is not able to send email within the environment that DPA is running, either:

  • An external mail server must be configured as specified in this KB article.
  • The host name of the DPA server is not being resolved correctly. This could happen if the host name contains double-byte characters.

Mail Server Configuration

The mail server used by DPA is configured through the file located in the directory:



 The mail server configuration file contains the following properties: 

Property Detail
mail.domain Mail server domain Host name or IP address of mail server (required)
mail.port Port number of the mail server
mail.user User name used to connect to mail server (if server requires authentication)
mail.password Password of user used to connect to mail server (if server requires authentication)
mail.from Return email address (required if mail server has restrictions on return addresses)
mail.embedded "true" indicates that DPA should use the embedded mail server exclusively

Additional properties that are required for a particular mail server may be added to the file.

This file may be changed while DPA is running. The changes will be recognized within a few minutes. 

Mail Server Failover

When the DPA server is started, the system checks the file for a user-defined mail server configuration. If an external mail server has been specified, a connection test is performed to that server. If the connection succeeds, all outgoing mail from DPA will be sent using this server. If the connection fails, DPA will default to the embedded mail server.

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