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Home > Success Center > Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) > DPA - Knowledgebase Articles > Registering an Oracle Monitored Instance without SYS Password

Registering an Oracle Monitored Instance without SYS Password

Updated June 22, 2018


This article provides instructions for:

  • Registering an Oracle database instance when you do not have the Oracle SYS account password. 
  • Registering an Oracle database instance when you do not have the SYS password or the DBA account credentials available.


  • DPA 12.0 and later




Option 1: You have DBA account credentials, but not SYS account credentials

If you have access to the DBA account credentials but not the SYS account credentials, you can use the Register Instance Wizard to register the Oracle database instance.


  1. Complete the registration wizard for an Oracle instance until you reach the "Oracle Monitoring Information" step asking for the SYS password. At this point, DPA has used the DBA user to create the monitoring user on the monitored instance.
  2. Click the link below the SYS Password field and send the script contents to someone that can login as SYS. The script creates a package and grants access on it to the monitoring user.
  3. After the script has completed successfully in the SYS account, click the Next button in the wizard and finish registering the instance.

Option 2: You do not have DBA account credentials or SYS account credentials

If you do not have DBA account access and you do not have SYS account access on the Oracle instance, you can use DPA's Mass Registration feature together with some manual steps. Complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Manually Create the Monitoring User

On each instance to be monitored, follow the instructions in Create the DPA monitoring user for Oracle

Task 2: Register Oracle Instances Using DPA's Mass Registration

In DPA, do the following:

  1. Log in to DPA as a DPA Administrator.
  2. Click Options > Administration > Advanced Options.
    1. Update the value of ORACLE_MASS_REG_SYS_BYPASS to true.
  3. Use mass registration to register the database instances:
    1. Click Options > Monitor Setup > Mass Registration.
    2. Select "Oracle" from the Database Type dropdown.
    3. Download the template file. This is a comma-separated-value (CSV) file.
    4. Open the template in a CSV editor (e.g., Excel) and fill out a row for each instance to be monitored. Use the instructions provided on the Mass Registration page to fill out the file, with the following exceptions:

      Column Entry
      DBA Username Leave this column blank.
      DBA Password Leave this column blank.
      SYS Password Leave this column blank.
      Create Monitoring User Enter N.
    5. Save and close the file. This is now your registration file.
    6. In DPA, click on Load Registration File and follow the instructions.
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