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Reduce DPA repository size

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Created by Robert Holtam, last modified by clinton.henry on Oct 15, 2018

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Updated  August 17, 2016


This article provides steps to reduce the size of your DPA repository. 


About  90% of storage usage occurs within the first 30 days of collection per instance. Reducing the clean_days_of_detail setting is the biggest lever to pull to reduce your repository size.


Note: Changing this setting will affect the number of days displayed on the DPA Home page when clicking on an instance. By making this change, the second by second data will be summarized. This setting can no longer be reverted to display additional days. 


All DPA versions


When this setting is changed, a job runs nightly to summarize the data that is collected every second. The data then is summarized into an hourly view. This change is not immediate, and within 24 hours, the data will summarize and will purge on its own.

1. Select the arrow on the monitored instance you want to change this option for. 

2. Click Advanced Options. 

3. Click DB Instance Option, and then select your target instance. 

4. Click CLEAN_DAYS_OF_DETAIL. This is a monitored instance specific option. Change it for all monitored instances that you want it to be non-default. The default value is 30 days.


* You may need to shrink your database datafiles in order to reclaim this space after a successful run of the cleaner process with the settings changed.  The default run of this process is 10PM.


Here are the approximate size requirements per monitored instance you should expect within your repository.

Light 1 GB to 3 GB
Medium 3 GB to 5 GB
Heavy 5 GB to 10 GB




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