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Recreate the DPA monitoring user for Oracle 9i and later

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Dec 14, 2017

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The Oracle user that DPA uses for monitoring may get deleted. The following script can be used to recreate that user with proper rights and privileges. To run this script, connect as SYS to the monitored database and you will be prompted for required information.

REM connect as SYS on Mon DB
REM create Ignite user for Ignite for Oracle.
REM Modify the directory path in the last step if required

prompt Enter Ignite Username:
accept Ignite_Username
prompt Enter Ignite Password:
accept Ignite_Password
prompt Enter Ignite Tablespace:
accept TS
prompt Enter Ignite Temporary Tablespace:
accept TTS

rem drop user &Ignite_Username cascade;

create user &Ignite_Username identified by &Ignite_Password
default tablespace &TS temporary tablespace &TTS;

grant create table to &Ignite_Username;
grant create synonym to &Ignite_Username;
grant create session to &Ignite_Username;
grant create sequence to &Ignite_Username;
grant unlimited tablespace to &Ignite_Username;

grant select on dba_views to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on dba_objects to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on user_synonyms to &Ignite_Username;
grant select any dictionary to &Ignite_Username;

REM create views

create or replace view x_$KSUSE     as select * from x$ksuse;
create or replace view x_$ksusecst  as select * from x$ksusecst;
create or replace view X_$KCCCF     as select * from x$KCCCF;
create or replace view X_$KGLNA1    AS select * from x$kglna1;
create or replace view X_$KGLNA     AS select * from x$KGLNA;
create or replace view x_$KGLCURSOR AS select * from x$KGLCURSOR;

grant select on x_$ksuse to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on x_$ksusecst to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on x_$kcccf to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on x_$kglna1 to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on x_$kglna to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on x_$kglcursor to &Ignite_Username;

grant select on v_$parameter to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on v_$instance to &Ignite_Username;
grant select on v_$sql_plan to &Ignite_Username;

create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$ksuse for sys.x_$ksuse;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$ksusecst for sys.x_$ksusecst;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$kcccf for sys.x_$kcccf;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$kglna for sys.x_$kglna;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$kglna1 for sys.x_$kglna1;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..x$kglcursor for sys.x_$kglcursor;
create or replace synonym &Ignite_Username..mproc for dual;

-- Create utl_con package used for getting explain plan and block data

-- This file is on the DPA server (where the web pages are hosted)
@"C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\DPA\iwc\tomcat\webapps\iwc\WEB-INF\classes\resources\database\Oracle\utl_con_8iplus.plb"

grant execute on sys.utl_con to &Ignite_Username;
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