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Office 365 and Google as an SMTP Relay for DPA

Updated January 15th, 2018


In order to be able to use Office 365 or Google as an SMTP relay host, additional properties need to be added. The same goes for when this is hosted on the Azure platform with 2-factor authentication.


  • DPA 11.1.467 and later


  1. Go to Options -> Administration (tab) -> Configure Mail Server.
  2. In the Additional Properties box, add:
    • mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true
    • mail.smtp.auth=true
  3. Deselect Secure SMTP, and use port 587.



  • The 'From' and 'User' must match exactly in order to authenticate. 
  • Special characters like '%', '#' and ':' in the password break authentication.
  • Google might require setting less secure apps: (© 2019 Google Corporation, available at, obtained on January 15, 2019)




Note for Azure with 2 Factor Authentication


  • If you are using Azure with 2 Factor Authentication you will need to generate an API password:
  1. Untick the "secure smtp"
  2. host:
  3. port: 587
  4. user:
  5. password: APIPassword
  6. Additional properties: mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true
  7. mail.smtp.auth=true

Note that API password must be created via this link

(you'll need to log in as the service account and authenticate normally via 2FA) (© 2019 Microsoft Corporation, available at, obtained on January 15, 2019)


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