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No data displayed in DPA charts

Updated September 28, 2017


Charts in DPA do not display trend data. This may happen if you are in a time zone with recent changes related to daylight savings. This causes the data in the Java Runtime Envorinment (JRE) and the Joda-Time library to be outdated.


  • DPA 10.2 through DPA 11.0


The data in the database does not match the expected calculated beginning of the day.

DPA uses the Joda-Time library for managing date and time. It is best to keep the time zone (TZ) data updated to the same version in the Joda-Time library as the JRE used to run the DPA.

For information about TZ data changes, see this article from Oracle.


Only update the TZ data if you are experiencing an issue as described above.

Update Joda-Time and JRE to the latest TZ data

  1. Update the TZ data in the Joda-Time library.
    • Follow the instructions on the Joda-Time site.
    • You can use a Joda-Time version up to 2.9.7 with DPA.
  2. Stop DPA.
  3. Navigate to \DPA_installation_folder\iwc\tomcat\webapps\WEB-INF\lib\.
  4. Replace the existing joda-time-2.x.jar file with the one you updated in the first step.
  5. Update the TZ data in the JRE.
    • Follow the instructions in this article from Oracle.
    • Make sure you run the tool with the same JRE that is used to run DPA.
  6. Start DPA.

Update only the Joda-Time library

This is a quick fix for DPA versions 10.2.x.

  1. Update the Joda-Time library to version 2.9.1.
    • Download from the Joda-Time GitHub repository.
    • This contains the same TZ data as the JRE embedded in DPA (TZ data version 2015g, not the latest version).
  2. Stop DPA.
  3. Navigate to \DPA_installation_folder\iwc\tomcat\webapps\WEB-INF\lib\.
  4. Replace the existing joda-time-2.x.jar file with the one you downloaded in the first step.
  5. Start DPA.
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