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Monitored SQL database server instance displays the incorrect database in DPA

Updated January 4, 2019


A monitored SQL Server database instance displays the incorrect database or text in DPA (for example, the database no longer exists).


  • All DPA versions
  • All monitored SQL Server versions


The first time DPA sees a SQL statement, DPA collects only SQL text. This is done to minimize the overhead on the monitored instances. The SQL statement may run against many databases within the same instance or even within any instance that DPA is monitoring.

DPA can be forced to recollect the SQL text by clearing old texts.


We need to know the instance ID of the DPA monitored server and the SQL hash value and we can remove the incorrect text and DPA will recollect the newly corrected text. We can find these on the web console.


It is possible that the SQL text has been named and in this case, the hash will not display here. If this is the case then follow below. 


Run the following script on your DPA repository database as the schema owner:

Select id, name from ignite.cond;

Choose the ID for the database instance with the hash_value.

Select * from ignite.const_@id
Where h = @hash_value
Delete from ignite.const_@id 
Where h = @hash_value

DPA recollects the SQL text in about two minutes (if it is running). 

in DPA 12.0 and up you must also restart the DPA service


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