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License Store Corruption Error

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Created by Robert Holtam, last modified by Jamin Walters on Jul 31, 2017

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If you receive the following errors after logging to DPA, this article provides steps to resolve the issue:

  • License file is corrupt
  • DPA cant read the license store


  • DPA 9.1 and later


  1. Navigate to the \tomcat subdirectory in the DPA home directory. The default location is:

    C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\DPA\iwc\tomcat

  2. Find the licensing folder, then right-click the folder and rename to licensing_old.

  3. Restart the Ignite PI Server Service. (Choose Start > Run, and enter services.msc. Then find the Ignite PI Server Service.)
  4. Refresh the Browser for DPA. You should receive a DPA Login screen.
    1. There have been some instances of this where the login screen does not come up. Instead we see a screen that reads "DPA startup in progress Please wait..." This screen hangs for a very long time.
      To clear this error stop the service and run the following in the DPA repository database.
    2. delete from conprm where p in ('IDC_STATUS',  

      Restart the service. 
  5. Log in and you will see the following banner. Click the License Allocation Link.

  6. Click License Manager.

  7. Click Enter Activation Key.

  8. Choose your method of activation (either Online or Offline), and click Next.

    You will need to contact Customer Service and request that they RESET your DPA license key.

    After they have confirmed it has been reset, continue with the next step.

  9. From your SolarWinds Customer Portal ( Click the License Management tab, then License Management.

  10. Scroll down until you see your licenses for DPA and click the Expand (+).
  11. Locate the Activation Key and note if this is a Category 1 or Category 2 Key, and that the Available amount is updated to show your amount as available. In this example, 5 of 5.

  12. Copy the Activation Key and paste to the DPA web page into CAT1 or CAT2 fields. Complete the rest of the required information, and then click Activate.

    DPA should be activated.

You can make a copy of your new current license folder. If this happens again, you can revert to the copy and restart DPA.


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