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Invalid dependencies after upgrading DPAIM

Updated July 19, 2017


After an upgrade from DPAIM 10.0.1 or earlier to 10.2 through 11.0, it is possible that invalid dependencies are listed on the Manage Dependencies page (Settings > All Settings > Manage Dependencies). For example, the node details page indicates that a node has dependencies and the node is listed on the Manage Dependencies page, but no dependencies are listed in the Child column for that node. 


You might also see log messages similar to the following:


ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Core.Common.SwisEntityHelper - (null) Unknown entity 'Orion.APM.Wstm.ScheduledTasksStatus'


  • DPAIM 10.2 through 11.0, upgraded from 10.0.1 or earlier


Orion dependencies are created automatically based on DPAIM relationships. 

An issue in an earlier version of DPAIM sometimes created invalid relationships between SQL Server and applications that cannot be in a dependency relationship (for example, Windows Task Scheduler). If these relationships existed in DPAIM 10.0.1 or earlier and you upgraded to DPAIM 10.2 through 11.0, invalid Orion dependencies would be created. 

This issue also occurs if a user manually creates a relationship to the Windows Task Scheduler on the Client Applications tab of the Manage Relationships page.


To resolve this issue, manually remove the invalid relationships from the Orion database.

  1. Execute the following SQL statements against the Orion database:

    DELETE FROM [dbo].[Dependencies]
    WHERE [Category] = 1
        SELECT * FROM [dbo].[DependencyEntities] de
        WHERE [dbo].[Dependencies].ChildEntityType = de.EntityName AND de.ValidChild = 1)
  2. Restart the SolarWinds Orion Module Engine service to refresh the dependencies cache.


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