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Divide existing repositories

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A single DPA server can monitor about 250 database instances. If your server has grown beyond that number of monitored instances, you can split the current DPA server into two servers by using the following steps. The process involves backing up and restoring your current repository to a new one, and then removing half of the instances from each.


All DPA versions


  1. Stop DPA monitors and shutdown DPA:
    1. Click Stop All Monitors on the DPA home page and verify all monitors stop.
    2. Shut down the Ignite PI Server Windows service to stop DPA.
  2. Make a backup of the current repository.
    • For a SQL Server repository, use the Backup/Restore tools.
    • For an Oracle repository, consider using export/import or data pump to make the backup.
  3. Restore the backup of the current repository.
    • For SQL Server, restore the backup to a new database in another instance.
    • For Oracle, create a new schema and restore export or data pump info into this new schema.
  4. Create a second DPA server.
    • For Windows you will need to install DPA onto a separate server.
    • For UNIX or Linux, you can use the same server, but create a second install directory. If you do this, you will need to configure that installation to use a different port.
  5. Create a DPA user for the restored database, or use an existing service account.
    • Make sure the new user is mapped to the DPA schema and has access to the new database.
    • Do not make it a SYSADMIN on SQL Server as that will not work properly.
  6. Copy and edit the file from the current installation to the new one.
    • This file resides in installDir/iwc/tomcat/ignite_config/idc.
    • Adjust connection information as needed so it connects to the restored database.
  7. Determine which instances will be monitored in each DPA server, and remove the others.
    • To remove the instances, you can use Options > Unregister.
    • If you have many instances, contact Technical Support to get a script to help with this step.
  8. Start the original DPA server and start the monitors
    • Verify the correct instances are present in this installation.
  9. Start the new DPA server and start the monitors.
    • Verify the correct instances are present and the monitors are starting.


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