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DPA will not start due to insufficient memory or Windows errors

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If DPA will not start and no DPA web pages can be viewed, try the following steps. To learn how to start DPA, view the readme.txt file located in the top directory holding the DPA files.

Note: This is a different situation than when a monitored database cannot be monitored.  If you are experiencing monitoring problems, choose Options > Support tab > Log Viewer for more information.

If the following information does not help you identify the problem, contact SolarWinds Support.


All versions of DPA.


  1. Check the logs located in DPA_home/iwc/tomcat/logs/.
  2. If the logs suggest that a port is already in use, change the DPA settings to an available port.
  3. If the logs suggest that not enough memory can be allocated, install DPA on another computer.
  4. If the error logs do not show errors but you cannot access DPA from a browser:
    • Make sure you do not have a firewall that prevents DPA from listening on the ports that are specified in DPA_home\tomcat\conf\server.xml. Also, make sure the client machine can ping the server running DPA
  5. If you're getting the following message on Windows: "[764  prunsrv.c] [error] Failed creating java" errors when you try to start the Ignite PI Server service:
    • Download JVM from even if you already have it installed. The registry entries may be corrupted and installing or reinstalling JVM fixes the problem.
  6. When starting the DPA server on Windows, if you get "'cscript' is not recognized as an internal or external command":
    • Make sure "c:\windows\system32" is in your path (Windows Script Host 5.6 or above is required).
    • If the startup.bat script fails, manually create a file called java_loc.txt and place it in the DPA_home\iwc\tomcat\ignite_config directory. The file should contain one line with the full path to a java executable.  For example:

      C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.5.2_03\bin\java.exe

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