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DPA versions displayed in Orion footer

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Updated: September 27, 2016


The DPA version in the Orion footer is not the version of DPA but, the version of the Orion DPA module. This is an added component that helps Orion integrate with DPA's Tomcat web server. In this article, it explains the integration module and what you are seeing in the displayed list of products.



  • Server with Orion Solarwinds products installed where the DPA Orion Module is installed


Database Performance Analyzer is run on an instance or Tomcat and is a Java based application. The integration to Orion is done using a module that allows Orion products to "talk" via a web service SOAP call to DPA. This module is installed on the Orion server by default if Solarwinds Server and Application manager or SAM is installed. If a customer does not have SAM then the module is available in the Customer portal for customers to add to their Orion install. This module is required for the DPA integration to work with Orion. 

Here is a view ot the download in the portal:


When installed on the Orion server, you will see this module in add remove programs like this:


The footer in Orion will have the DPA Orion integration Module version not the DPA version.


DPA the full product may or not be installed on your servers at all and this will still show in the footer if you have the DPA integration module installed.





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