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DPA on Windows 64-bit

This article applies to all versions of DPA and Ignite 4.3 and later.

DPA 9.1 and later

DPA is 64-bit that includes a 64-bit JRE for Windows. This applies if you upgraded from DPA 9.0 or earlier, even if you were using a 32-bit JRE.

DPA 9.0 and earlier

On Windows, DPA installs a 32-bit JRE and a 32-bit version of Tomcat.  DPA runs as a service and defaults to use the installed JRE and Tomcat.  When installed on 64-bit Windows, everything will still run, but you may want to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture. For example, you can configure the JRE to use more memory. This is typically done if you have a high number of monitored databases (over 80) and DPA is running out of heap space. See the KB article on scalability for more information.

To use the 64-bit architecture, install a 64-bit JRE and use a 64-bit Tomcat:

  1. Install a 64-bit JRE.
  2. Remove the Ignite PI Server service by running the following in a command prompt with administrator permissions:
    cd "installDir" (The default installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\DPA.)
  3. Verify the service is removed in Windows Services. If the service is still there, make sure you open the command prompt as an administrator.  

  4. Use the 64-bit JRE in DPA by updating the following file to specify the path to the 64-bit java file:


  5. Switch to a 64-bit Tomcat. In installDir\iwc\tomcat\bin, do the following:
    • Ignite 8.1 and earlier:
      • Delete tomcat5.exe.
      • Make a copy of tomcat5_64bit.exe and rename the copy to tomcat5.exe.
    • DPA 9.0 and Ignite 8.2 and later:
      • Delete tomcat6.exe.
      • Make a copy of tomcat6_64bit.exe and rename the copy to tomcat6.exe.
  6. Update the Java Min and Max Heap Size value.
    • See this KB article on increasing DPA memory.
    • Running as 64-bit, you can increase heap space up to 32 GB.  However, DPA will not likely need more than 4 GB.
    • Ensure that there is enough RAM on the DPA server to dedicate to the new heap space setting.
  7. Create the Ignite PI Server service by running the following in a command prompt with administrator permissions:
    cd "installDir" (The default installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\DPA.)

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