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DPA has high CPU utilization for long periods when Embedded Mail Server is used

Updated November 22, 2017


When Embedded Mail Server is selected as the mail server configuration option and an attempt to send email fails (for example, because of an environmental issue such as a firewall or the mail server configuration), DPA saves the email into a queue and tries to send the email again. If the problem persists, having hundreds of emails saved in the queue causes high CPU utilization.


  • DPA, all versions


DPA is trying to resend a large number of emails, which causes high CPU utilization.


If you want to continue to use the embedded mail server, fix the configuration issue in your environment that is preventing the email from being sent to the recipient. For example, check your firewall or mail server configuration. 


Otherwise, change the mail server configuration to Company Mail Server. With this option, emails are sent through your company's mail server. 


After you have resolved the issue, send a test email and verify that the email is received.


The Default Mail Server option is intended for evaluations. SolarWinds does not recommend using this option for production systems. 


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