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DPAIM 11.1 feature: DPA data in PerfStack

 Updated December 4th, 2017


With DPAIM 11.1, you can add DPA data to Performance Analysis (PerfStack™) dashboards. PerfStack dashboards can show how queries and database wait times relate to application and infrastructure performance. Both DBAs and non-DBAs can use DPA data in PerfStack to answer the question "Is it the database or the application?"

DPA data available in PerfStack

All DPA data that is available in the Orion Platform can be added to PerfStack dashboards. This includes:

  • Total wait time
  • Wait time by dimension (such as SQL, waits, programs, and users)
  • Drill downs to SQL text and SQL statistics
  • Database metrics
  • VM metrics
  • Custom metrics

Data from multiple database instances and multiple DPA servers can be included in the same dashboard.

Stacking data

Use PerfStack to stack different metrics and wait time dimensions in the same chart to find correlations. The following chart includes information from DPA, such as Wait Time by Type and Total Instance Wait Time, along with metrics from other Orion Platform products, such as Average CPU Load. 


Drilling in with the Data Explorer

The Data Explorer provides detailed information about data from one metric for a selected time period. In the following example, we inspected a slice of data from the Total Instance Wait Time chart. The Data Explorer lists the SQL statements executed during that time period, ordered by wait time. Expand a SQL statement to see part of the query text, and click Details for additional information.


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See the DPAIM 11.1 release notes to learn more about other features, fixed issues, and known issues in this release.

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