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Change DPA from an AWS Subscription to SolarWinds Commercial Licenses (BYOL)

Updated February 2, 2018


Follow the instructions below if you are running DPA in the in the AWS Marketplace using subscription licensing but want to use traditional licensing (also called Bring Your Own Licenses or BYOL). You will install DPA on a new EC2 instance, point it to the current DPA repository, and apply your licenses. Your configuration and history will be retained.


  • DPA 11.1 and later


Install DPA on the EC2 instance

  1. Deploy the EC2 instance. See the DPA system requirements.
  2. Download DPA from the Customer Portal

  3. Install DPA on the new EC2 instance.

    When the installation is complete, the DPA opens in your browser and launches the Repository wizard.

  4. Do not complete the Repository creation wizard. Instead, stop DPA on the EC2 instance.
  5. Copy the following file from the original DPA installation:
  6. Paste the file into the same directory on the new server. (This connects the new DPA instance to the existing repository.)
  7. If you have changed the default values for system or server properties, edit the following files on the new server to preserve your changes:


      In the file, do not copy over this cloud-specific option:

  8. Stop the original subscription-based DPA instance via the EC2 console. (Only one DPA instance can access the DPA repository.)

    Do not terminate your subscription until the new setup is complete in case you need to access it again.

Start DPA and apply licenses

  1. Start DPA on the new server or EC2 instance. (If DPA was already started, restart it.)

    If you see either of the following error messages, use this information to correct the issue:

    • The license files do not match this DPA Repository.

      Cause: You completed the Repository wizard after installing DPA.

      Correction: Remove the \licensing directory located in <DPA_Home>\iwc\tomcat, and restart DPA.

    • Another DPA Server process is now controlling this Repository. In this case, either use the new IP address '', or shutdown the other DPA Server process and try again. Contact your DPA Administrator if you have questions.

      Cause: The original subscription-based DPA instance is still running.

      Correction: Stop the original subscription-based instance via the EC2 console.

  2. Log in and apply licenses obtained from the Customer Portal.
  3. When your instance is successfully installed and connected to the repository, and you see the database instances you were monitoring with their history, you can terminate the original EC2 instance with DPA in subscription mode and release the storage associated with it.

(Optional) Migrate the DPA repository

If you want to migrate repository, follow the instructions for your repository type:




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