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Alert for SOX non-compliant user creation

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliancy requires controls on database user creation. DPA Alerts can be used to monitor the creation of database user accounts for SOX compliancy. If user profiles are created for SOX compliancy, the DBA_USERS table can be monitored for any non-compliant profiles created. This article describes the steps in setting up such an alert and reporting on the history of the alerts for auditing purposes.

Create the alert

  1. In DPA, click Alerts > Manage Alerts.
  2. Click Custom as the Alert Category.
  3. In the Alert Type list, select Custom SQL Alert - Multiple Numeric Return.
  4. Click Create Alert.


SolarWinds recommends the following values:

  • Execution Interval: 1 Day
  • Database Instances: Add the database instances that you want to alert on
  • SQL Statement:
    select 'User '||username||' was created on '||created||' with profile '||profile created_user,1
    from dba_users where created > sysdate -1 and profile = 'DEFAULT'

    Only the 'DEFAULT' profile will be reported as out of compliance. You may want to add the account_status = ‘OPEN’ and other non-compliant profiles to this statement.

  • Description: User was created with a non-compliant SOX profile. Valid compliant profiles are...
  • Units: Count

    The count of users that are in violation. The alert will email the contacts when a value of 1, or when a user is created with a non-compliant profile.

  • Alert Level: High Min = 1

  • Notification Group or Contact: (select a recipient)

Alerting and reporting

Save the alert, and the contact or group will receive an email when there is a non-compliant user created.

Alert query

You can issue the following query in the repository database to report on violations for a given period of time:

select 'User '||username||' was created on '||created||' with profile '||profile created_user,1
from dba_users where created > sysdate -1 and profile = 'DEFAULT';

Report query

In DPA, click Options > Support > Database Query Tool. Enter the following query to report on violations or download the information in Excel format:

select c.alertname, a.dbname, a.actiondate, b.parametername violation
 from con_alert c, con_alert_history a, con_alert_history_results b
 where a.historyid = b.historyid
 and a.alertid =
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