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Home > Success Center > Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) > DPA - Knowledgebase Articles > A DPA server cannot be integrated with the Orion Platform because relationship discovery fails

A DPA server cannot be integrated with the Orion Platform because relationship discovery fails

Updated December 7, 2018


When you are trying to integrate a DPA server with the Orion Platform through the DPA Integration Module (DPAIM), you get the following error message:


There was an error when trying to enable the integration with the DPA server: Discovery relationships between Orion applications (server role) and DPA Database instances failed.


  • All versions of DPA
  • DPAIM 11.1 and earlier


One or more of Microsoft SQL database instances are registered in what should be <SERVER_NAME>\<INSTANCE_NAME> format, but a slash (/) is used instead of a backslash (\). DPA is able to correct this issue internally and register the database instance. But DPAIM is provided with the original value and it is not able to parse it. That results in a failure in relationship discovery mapping.


Resolution 1

Upgrade to DPAIM 11.1.1 or later. The service release DPAIM 11.1.1 fixes this issue.

Resolution 2

If you cannot upgrade, use the following work-around:

  1. Determine if any Microsoft SQL database instances are registered using the format <SERVER_NAME>/<INSTANCE_NAME>.
  2. Edit the instance name and replace the slash (/) with a backslash (\).
  3. Add the DPA server to DPAIM.



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