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Error registering a database in DPA Map Empty

Updated August 24th, 2017


You get the following error when trying to register an Oracle or SQL Server instance:



DPA version 9.1.85 and later




  • This occurs during the building of the TEMP TABLESPACE and TABLESPACE drop-down lists of the second wizard screen.
    • Since there is a failure building the lists, the web-flow dumps a stack trace.
  • Other possible cause is the Oracle recycle bin on the Repository database being full. 
  • The source code fix is to catch the DataAccessException thrown by Spring JDBC and log the error, and then proceed with a new status of DATAFILE_ACCESS_ERROR, which causes the application to use the database's default tablespaces.


SQL Server

  • This occurred due to a cumulative update and change in how SQL server presents versions, causing issues with how DPA monitors SQL instances




  • Check that the Oracle repository recycle bin is not full.
  • Set the system property ORACLE_REG_DB_USE_DEFAULT_TABLESPACES=true.
    • This will force the wizard to only display SYSTEM - Default for the Tablespace, and TEMP - Default for the Temp Tablespace.
    • From the DPA home page, Go to Options>Administration Tab>Advanced Options>Support Options Tab and search for
    • Click on the name to display the Edit Option box, click the drop down arrow and set to "True" and click the update button.


SQL Server

  • Upgrade DPA to at least Version 10.0




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10:29, 24 Aug 2017