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Download and install DPA on UNIX/Linux

DPA 8.0 and later has a binary executable installer for UNIX and Linux.


  1. Download the install .tar file.
  2. If you need to transfer the install file to a UNIX or Linux server, make sure you do this in binary mode.  Most FTP transfer utilities transfer .tar files in binary mode by default.


  1. Untar the downloaded file and a new directory will be created. For Ignite 8.2 and higher, the directory will be named ignite_<version>, e.g. ignite_8_2_65. For Ignite 8.1 and lower, this will be named ignite_pi_<version>, e.g. ignite_pi_8_0_85.</version></version>
  2. Execute the <version> script and it will prompt for any needed information, e.g. installation directory.</version>

Complete the installation

When the installation is complete, use a browser to access the URL specified at the end of the installation process. This will start a wizard for creating the repository and registering initial instances. If a browser is used from your desktop to the server where Ignite was installed, ensure proper firewall ports (8123 by default) have been opened.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of Ignite, see this article.

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19:08, 22 Jun 2016