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Downgrade DPA to the correctly licensed version


If you upgraded from version 8.3.x of SolarWinds DPA (formerly Ignite) to version 9.0 or higher, you might need to downgrade to your original version if you do not have the proper SolarWinds licensing set up in your SolarWinds Customer Portal.  Downgrading involves uninstalling the latest version of DPA and re-installing your previous version.


This article pertains to DPA 9.0 and later. It provides instructions for downgrading to DPA/Ignite version 8.3.x.


1. Uninstall every version of DPA and Ignite:

a. Open Control Panel > Programs and Features.

b. Uninstall each entry for DPA and Ignite that you see listed.

2. Install the version of DPA (or Ignite) that you had running prior to your latest upgrade (i.e. the "previous version" stated above).  

As usual, make sure you install to the same directory that you had installed to previously.



Due to an issue with the configuration of the DPA Windows installer, re-installing your original DPA (or Ignite) version might bring up the "repair" option of the DPA/Ignite installer, rather than the installation wizard that you expected.  If this is happening, it is typically because older versions of DPA (or Ignite) appear to still be installed in Windows even though you have uninstalled the latest version.  You can confirm this by looking in the Windows "Programs and Features" window -- you will notice that the name "Ignite" or "DPA" appears, perhaps multiple times.

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13:11, 13 Nov 2015