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Deadlocks tab not showing in DPA 10.2

Updated August 12, 2016


Note: This feature is currently only available for SQL Server 2012 and above.


After upgrading to DPA v10.2, the deadlocks tab does not show up.

DPA disables deadlocks by default for the SQL server because it is using extended events. To use the feature, DPA will need to run code on your SQL server to set up a low level extended event trace.
The feature is using Extended Event Session (EES) mechanism for collecting deadlock data on the SQL side.

The EES is notoriously known for bugs and glitches, some of them are capable of bringing the SQL server down. This is the reason why there is a need to enable the deadlock polling feature at first.




DPA 10.2 and later


To enable Deadlock feature:

  1. From the DPA home screen, go to Options > Administration tab > Advanced Options.
  2. Click the Support Options box and find DEADLOCK_POLL_ENABLED.
  3. Change the value to True.


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21:29, 9 Sep 2016