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DPA is sending all alert emails with in the From address

Updated November 22, 2017


On the DPA Mail Server Configuration page, you enter a value such as "SolarWinds DPA" in the From field, and then restart DPA. However, emails from DPA still contain the default value  "" in the From field. 


  • DPA 11.1 and later


The value in the From field must be in valid email address format. If it is not, DPA uses the default email address. 


When this issue occurs, the following error can be seen in the iwc.log file:


WARN (2017-11-10 15:12:39,328.EST) [http-nio-443-exec-19] MailServiceImpl -

Invalid mail.from address [SolarWinds DPA]. Default [] will be used [parsingError=Invalid character in local-part (user account) at position 11]
INFO (2017-11-10 15:12:39,328.EST) [http-nio-443-exec-19] MailServiceImpl - Created mail sender [properties=[mail.useEmbeddedServer=false,, mail.smtp.connectiontimeout=60000, mail.smtp.timeout=60000, mail.domain=,, mail.port=25, mail.useDefaultServer=false], user=null, protocol=null]


Enter a valid email address in the From field. The address must be in the following format:


It must include both the @ symbol and a domain. 


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